The “Bits and Bases” blog features technical and non-technical contributions to the emerging field of Life Sciences Discovery Informatics.


  • F. Oliver Gathmann

As a freshwater ecologist turned software engineer and data scientist, Oliver’s intellectual curiosity has always been driven by a fascination with detecting structure in – and imposing structure on – data. Given this background as a scientist, Oliver has always focused on the data rather than the tools used to process them and his choices of programming languages, development frameworks and the like are pragmatic, if not always orthodox. The recent focus of Oliver’s work has been on developing a framework for RESTful web services written in Python and accessing such RESTful web services through the popular data workflow analysis platform KNIME.

  • Andrew G. Walsh

Andrew has been in the bioinformatics area for more than 12 years now, during which time he has been navigating, crunching and visualizing data sets of ever increasing magnitude and complexity using a variety of tools, including BioPerl, R, and KNIME.